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Andrew Reinhardt: Above the Line_

COVE/COVOX - Andrew Jacob Rinehart

above the line__

above the line__ is an experiment in sound and space, using sculptural elements that respond sonically in unexpected ways when they are engaged. This project was conceived as an alternative to concert settings that are strictly regimented, asking the audience to bring their own creativity to the space, and leave some of it behind through various playful prompts, to be incorporated into future showings. The work in process was shown earlier this month, which had many interesting and unexpected results, which are currently informing future iterations.

This project is a co-production with NUMUS.

May 7th and 8th, 2022 - 7:00pm/8:30pm at the Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts

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Andrew Jacob Rinehart (he/him) is a multimedia_artist based in Waterloo, Ontario, traditional land of the Haudenosaunee, Anishnaabe, and Neutral Peoples. His ever evolving practice explores ideas of playfulness, quiet, lability, and stillness. Having a strong musical background, he often utilizes sound as a medium for the foundation of his work. Recently Andrew has begun developing immersive spaces with experimental interface design, to create whimsical, and personal experiences.

Headshot credit: Darin White

Creative Team

Kathryn Ladano - COVE-COVOX Mentor
Nadia Ursacki - Production Stage Manager and Lighting Designer
Julia Kim - Video Designer
Steve Cross - Videographer
Myke Phillips - Sound Designer and Technician
Cameron Slipp - Production Manager

Special Thanks

Eli Sokoloff Harris
Lisa Van Oorschot
Lauren Prousky
Sarah Lauren Brown